Friday, December 19, 2008

Summer Johnson: Who Cares if the Vatican Weighs in on Bioethics?

Great OpEd at the Bioethics Blog by Summer Johnson about the recent admonition from the Roman Catholic Church: "Who Cares if the Vatican Weights in on Bioethics?":
No one. At least that's my view. Certainly not American Catholics who use birth control, IVF, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, and a wide range of other reproductive technologies previously and even more so now get a Holy finger wagging from Rome.

Moreover, I don't know any American Catholics who oppose the commonplace forms of human enhancement we use today and even the borderline ones such as taking brain-boosting drugs or drugs to help us sleep at night.

And this concept that the conservative movement more generally keeps leveraging--human dignity--the centerpiece of Catholic bioethics? Perhaps it could be useful, if anyone knew what it meant.
Entire article.

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