Saturday, October 3, 2009

SS09: Itamar Arel "Technological Convergence Leading to AGI"

Benjamin Peterson is covering the Singularity Summit for Sentient Developments.

Deep Machine Learning

• biologically-inspired computational intelligence approach

-massively parallel

-basic cortical circuit

-discovers structure based on regularities

-spatiotemporal dependencies

-Brain operates at 200hz ...

• goal: learning to represent the world

• hypothesis: brain represent info using repetitive hierarchical architecture

VLSI tech

• adequate tech is here

• billions of transistors on a single chip

• power requirements are low

• insensitive to yield issues

• we can build large systems today!

Ben Goertzel asks Arel what his funding requirements are ... Arel says he can build you an AGI system for 2-14 million dollars. Act now!

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