Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thomas Armstrong's eight principles of neurodiversity

Neurodiversity: Differences among brains are as enriching and essential as differences among plants and animals. In other words, 'disabilities' or cognitive differences are essential to the human ecosystem.

Thomas Armstrong has come up with a list of eight 'principles of neurodiversity':
  1. The human brain works more like an ecosystem than a machine
  2. Human beings and human brains exist along continuums of competence
  3. Human competence is defined by the values of the culture to which you belong
  4. Whether you are regarded as disabled or gifted depends largely upon when and where you live
  5. Success in life is based upon adapting one’s brain to the needs of the surrounding environment
  6. Success in life depends upon modifying your surrounding environment to fit the needs of your unique brain
  7. Niche construction includes career and lifestyle choices and assistive technologies tailored to the needs of a neurodiverse individual
  8. Positive niche construction directly modifies the brain, which in turn enhances its ability to adapt to the environment
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